tour iconInstallation GuideInstall and configure the kwatee web application.
tutorial iconUser GuideConfigure and manage environments with the graphical user interface.
tour iconDeveloper GuideAutomate kwatee operations using REST API, python library, maven or ant.


In this section you'll find manuals, screencasts and step-by-step tutorials that illustrate various features of Kwatee. Many of the files used to build these tutorials can be found in the installation's kwatee-webapp-distrib/examples directory.

tour iconIntro
This first introductory tutorial demonstrates aaaaa.
tutorial iconPHP appConfigure and deploy an open source PHP application on a web server (LAMP and IIS/PHP/MySQL).
tour iconCloud
This tutorial extends the branding tutorial and demonstrates how our web site can be deployed on a pool of Amazon EC2 load-balanced web servers. We show how Kwatee dynamically de-registers and re-registers instances from the Elastic Load Balancer during updates in order to protect against erratic transient states.
tutorial iconTomcatThis step-by-step tutorial demonstrates the configuration and deployment of a Tomcat web application on one or more servers.