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With Kwatee Agile Deployment, automating the deployment of applications or microservices to any number of servers is accessible to everyone. The web interface allows for an effortless configuration in three simple steps

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Version 4.0.2
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Features & Benefits

Configuration Management Kwatee lets you manage environment-specific configuration parameters for your application. These variables are substituted on the fly during deployment.

Process Automation Integrate kwatee's full deployment capabilities in your release process with Kwatee's RESTFul interface for a complete build-to-deploy automation.

Off-line Deployments Kwatee can generate command-line installers to be used for deployments on environments where remote connection access is disabled for security reasons.

Lightweight & Easy to Learn The friendly web interface lets you configure deployments efficiently and painlessly. Kwatee does what it is good at and nothing more.

Safe & Repeatable Kwatee eliminates the installation & configuration tediousness and takes out the operational risk inherent to manual software deployments.

Flexible & Agile Kwatee enables lets you push frequent enhancements to multiple targets as smoothly as in their development environments.

Language Agnostic Kwatee just deploys any digital asset, not caring whether it is a Java web app, a PHP web site, a microservice, or plain files.

Multi Platform Kwatee supports a broad range of platforms and operating systems including Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris, ...


Installation Guide

Install and configure the kwatee web application.

User Guide

Configure and manage environments with the graphical user interface.


Every single operation in kwatee can be automated using the RESTful API.

Maven Plugin

The kwatee maven plugin makes it easy to integrate kwatee's configuration management and deployment capabilities within your development environment.

Python Client

The complete reference of the module that exposes the Kwatee RESTful API functions to python scripts.

Java Client

The complete reference of the library that exposes the Kwatee RESTful API functions to java programs.

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The Zip and Gzip alternatives are provided for convenience but are identical in content.

Revision history. Make sure to read the "IMPORTANT NOTES" for special upgrade requirements.

Web application and addons (platform-independent)

Optional command-line installer

Optional Amazon EC2 pool server plugin

Installation instructions can be found in the documentation.

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