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Deploy anything, anywhere!

Automate the release of your applications in your infrastructure or in the cloud.

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With Kwatee you can easily deploy and configure PHP sites, java web apps or any other types of applications on virtually any operating systems.


Configuration ManagementKwatee assembles applications with parameters specific to their destination. Updates can be deployed in a single click on any environments such as test, staging or production.

AutomationKwatee's RESTFul interface makes it easy for you integrate its powerful deployment capabilities into your existing release process without forcing you to adapt to a different way of doing things.

Off-line deploymentsKwatee lets you stage a deployment and let's you generate self contained installers for deployments on servers where remote connection access is disabled for security reasons.


Lightweight and easy to learnThe friendly web interface lets you configure deployments efficiently and painlessly. Kwatee does what it is good at and makes it easy to integrate with best of breed tools if you need more.

Safe and repeatableWith Kwatee, software releases become stressless routine activities. Kwatee eliminates the tediousness and takes out the operational risk inherent to manual software deployments.

FlexibleKwatee enables agile organizations to push frequent enhancements of their software to multiple targets as smoothly as in their internal development environments.


  • artifacts
  • artifact
  • version
  • version variables
  • version package
  • package special files
  • browse version package
  • servers
  • server
  • server pool
  • environments
  • environment
  • release
  • release variables
  • edit release variable
  • active versiont
  • deployments
  • deployment
  • deployment status
  • current account
  • system properties
  • kwatee parameters
  • import export